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Spray tan

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We offer professional spray tan treatments, performed by our trained staff. Get a professional organic spray tan, in professional Vita Liberata products. This is an organic brand that gives a beautiful color immediately after application. The spray tan liquids comes in three different colors, so you can choose exactly the color you want. A Spray tan treatment lasts 7-12 days, depending on how good you are at moisturizing your skin, as well as avoid long hot baths, etc.

Important knowledge before your Spray tan:

  • Take a shower and exfoliate your body the same day or the evening before your treatment.
  • Hair Removal: Waxing or shaving should happen to min. 24 hours before your spray tan.
  • Avoid applying kake up, deo, body lotion and other skincare products 24 hours before a Spray tan.
  • Bring loose clothing to wear after your Spray tan.

Important knowledge after your Spray tan:

    • Wait to shower min. 8 hours after your spray tan.
    • After the shower you will then see the final result. Avoid getting your skin wet until the shower, as it will affect the development of the color.
    • Don’t shave for 24 hours after your Spray tan as it will remove the top skin layer and hence the color.
    • We recommend applying body lotion the following days as it will maintain the color and will extent the result from 7 up until 12 days. You can use Vita Liberata’s Grandual Lotion to extend the color as it gradually rebuilds the color.

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The duration of this treatment is 15 minutes

Price kr. 195,-

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Get your skin exfoliated before your spray tan with a dry peeling. A dry peeling leaves your skin free of dead skin cells, after which your skin will be new and fresh and is ready to be sprayed on. This will result in your spray tan lasting longer than if it’s not exfoliated before.

The duration of this treatment is 15 minutes

Price kr. 150,-

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